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Mature content
Hypocritical Truths :iconposionsbite:Posionsbite 1 3
If I say I love you
then I love you
if I say i trust you
then I trust you
but it's rare
that I'll ever say that
and when I say I trust you
and you break that trust
i'll never trust you
or love you
I'll hurt for you
every day
but you will never
earn that trust back
So fuck off
and leave me alone
I don't' want to trust anyone
:iconposionsbite:Posionsbite 5 0
I chase my demons
back and forth
fighting as long as I can
but for every head I chop off
the hydra grows two more.
And soon my blade will grow dull.
:iconposionsbite:Posionsbite 4 0
Ever Feel Like Chopped Liver?
Cooked and boiled
tossed to the side
and scraped in the garbage can.
Children gag at the thought
when their mothers stew you up.
ground up
and tossed to the dogs
torn to shreds and devoured by their sharp teeth
Do you ever feel like this
like chopped liver?
:iconposionsbite:Posionsbite 7 6
I'm back!
You thought you could push me down
but now I'm back
better and strong then ever.
And I'm not heading anywhere.
:iconposionsbite:Posionsbite 4 0
Tears fall down my face
and I wonder why I am crying
when everything is fine.
And I realize
I wish the whole world was this way
for the first time
everything is going right
people care about me
I am having fun,
and I am crying
because I wish the rest of the world
was this way
I wish life was calm
and easy
I wish there wasn't so much pain
and suffering
I wish everyone
was calm
and kind
I wish
the world was peaceful
like it should be.
:iconposionsbite:Posionsbite 1 0
I once met a girl
younger then me
but far wiser
wearing a blue dress
with long brown hair.
She brought me up when I was down
for years I did not know her name
she was simply my Cinderella
she taught me that there was beauty
in everything that was ugly.
One thing she said
has stayed with me
this wise girl
in the blue satin dress
walked up to me when I was crying
and told me
that throughout all the pain
heaven was waiting for us
in the end.
She told me
that heaven may not exist
but if it doesn't then neither does hell.
She told me
that if neither exist
then I shouldn't spend this life
That I should learn to find joy
in all the pain.
That if nothing else
she would be the joy
in my life
that she would hold me up
when I was down.
She had never broken that promise.
She is my heaven.
you know who you are
I know that you believe you cant do it
but if hell exists
then heaven must exist too
and if anyone can create heaven
then you can.
:iconposionsbite:Posionsbite 5 11
Covered in ash and wearing naught but a sack
(more like a gown made of black)
Cinderella sweeps and cleans
(well, truly she only writes and fights)
Her evil stepsisters claim her things
(Or perhaps it is her parents who tie down her wings)
But then the kings invitation comes
(And she begins her plot to run)
The Queen allows her to come, but only on her rules
(Cinderella packs laughing at those fools)
The Evil Queen laughs at the Cinder Girl, thinking she has won
(Cinderella hides in plain sight, waiting for the time to strike)
The Ball arrives, and the Queen leaves Cinderella behind
(She breaks the chains that keep her confined)
Her Stepsisters dance the night away, trying to win the throne
(Ella grabs her cloths and runs from her cage)
Late that night the Queen comes home finding the chains broken
(The Cinder Girl left a note behind, leaving nothing left unspoken)
The Queen shouts with rage ordering the knights to bring her back
(The night hid her as she was dressed in black)
Soon the
:iconposionsbite:Posionsbite 1 4
Have you ever needed a shoulder to cry on,
when no one was there?
Have you ever needed a hand to hold,
when all you could find was a cold stone grave?
Have you ever been left alone in the cold
to die?
Have you ever starved
for days on end?
Do you know what it's like
to be bought and sold?
Do you know what it's like to have knuckle shaped bruises
on your cheek?
Do you know what it's like to own
only one spare pair of cloths?
Do you know what it's like
being tossed from house to house?
Because if you do,
you know what it's like
to be me.
:iconposionsbite:Posionsbite 2 0
Hell On Earth
You grow up
fearing the devil
fearing hell
being unable to see
the hell on earth.
You fear the torture
of burning in eternal damnation
but you are blind
to the pain around you
blind to the dying and starving people
blind to the pain surrounding you
blind to the tears
hidden behind the eyes of those around you.
Blind the horror of everyday life.
Why do you not see the beauty in death
the beauty in escaping this world?
How do you not hear the screams
of the thousands dying around you
of the thousands lost in this world
how do you not see there tears?
How can you remain blind
to the hell on this earth.
:iconposionsbite:Posionsbite 5 12
Inside The Wall's
Oh good, Elvire thought, they finally left. She walked up the staircase, and pushed on the wall until it opened up. She was in the living room of a house, she had come from behind the bookcase. Elvire, walked into the kitchen and began to take small bits and pieces of the food. Not enough for someone to notice but enough to keep her going for a few more days. She brought the food downstairs and grabbed a bucket which she brought upstairs and filled with clean water. Knowing that the family wouldn't be back for a while Elvire started a load of laundry, singing and old Celtic tune, while she worked. After she had everything she needed from the house she went back downstairs closing the bookcase just as she heard the door open.
"Hello!!! Anyone home?" A male voice called. The house was silent, "Mom, Dad! You here?" he walked to the table and found a note there saying that his parent's would be out for a while. He sighed and sat down turning the tv on. Elvire could hear everything from ins
:iconposionsbite:Posionsbite 2 2
Mature content
Music To My Ears :iconposionsbite:Posionsbite 1 37
My depression sinks in
at the dead of night
with no one here to keep me sane
no drugs or alcohol to take my pain away
no party's to hide myself
no Friends whose shoulders I can cry in
my family gone
my life lost.
My only possible escape is sleep
but that is a thousand times worse.
This is when the tears fall from my face
and my blades look oh so pleasant
while my veins pump out beautiful blood.
Now is when I need companionship
now is when I need my pills
not while the sun is bright,
now is when the world hates me the most
now is when I will swing from my noose
now is when I will dig my knife deep in my arms
now is when I end this life.
:iconposionsbite:Posionsbite 2 10
Slowly the world raises me high in the sky
only to bring me crashing down
to sleep
to dream
until I wake up again
having forgotten how to fly.
:iconposionsbite:Posionsbite 1 0
Pop pop pop!
the bubbles reach the top
slowly disappearing
as my brain begins to overflow
bubbling out my ears
as my head disappears
Calmly I walk along
watching the bubbles pop.
:iconposionsbite:Posionsbite 1 0
The world's made of feathers
floating to and fro
keeping the world together
from long long ago.
:iconposionsbite:Posionsbite 1 2


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I'm not that is. Dead. Definitely not dead. Although from my *checks calendar* almost 5 month absence it may seem that way. Anyways I'm fine, life just got in the way and I couldn't be on here for a while, but I'm back now! So you all can go back to enjoying my creepy weirdness. 


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